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Introducing the Ridiculously Simple Way to Create an eBook

Sqribble: Introducing the Ridiculously Simple Way to Create an eBook

If you have tried to do online marketing for even just 5 minutes, you already know that eBooks, lead magnets, and reports are the most powerful tools to sell for profit. But you will also have realized that they are a serious problem when it comes to creating them, especially eBooks. You not only need to do a lot of writing, but there is also designing and formatting to contend with.

That is why when I heard of Sqribble, I was immediately interested to take a look at it. Sqribble is an online tool that can help you to instantly create professional eBooks, whitepapers, reports, and other digital books with only a few taps or clicks.

This concept is nothing new. A lot of eBook creator tools have been created in the past. However, if you have ever tried any of them, you will know they all have some fundamental flaws.

In this comprehensive Sqribble review, we will give you all the info you need to know about this software.

This includes what it is, how it works, its author and why he should be trusted, bonuses and our verdict on whether it is worth buying or not. Read on to learn more.

What is Sqribble Software?

At its most basic definition, Sqribble can be described as a design platform for creating eBooks that let users make eBooks and reports faster than they can blink their eyes.

In particular, users even get access to over 50 templates that are divided into 15 niche categories.

This cloud-based software is packed with built-in templates as well as nice and beautiful covers to lend a professional appeal to your eBook.

It makes your work of creating an eBook ridiculously simple as you do not need any technical knowledge to be able to create a professional-grade eBook.

Sqribble also includes lots of useful and powerful features designed to save marketing professionals a lot of effort.

You won’t find an eBook creator anywhere with half as many features as those found in Sqribble. Some of the features include automatic TOC or table of contents, over 300 fonts from which to choose, and automatic headers and footers among other things.

How does Sqribble work?

Sqribble eBook builder app is no doubt among the best eBook creating programs that comes with lots of features that will be of help to any internet marketing individual.

You only need to choose your category, select layout and theme, add images and your content will get filled in automatically.

After making the final changes, you will have a professional-grade eBook ready in only a couple of minutes. It saves you lots of time which you will then put into marketing your products instead of spending it on creating marketing materials like reports, white papers, and eBooks.

Also, the Sqribble app is entirely cloud-based meaning you can access it anywhere. There is no need to have the software downloaded on your device for you to use it in creating eBooks.

What will you find in the Sqribble App?

The Sqribble eBook creator app packs a lot of features and is tailored for both small and medium marketing agencies, marketing professionals, freelancers and any person who wants to create eBooks without going into the headache that usually comes with the process. Here are some of the things you will get in the app.

  •  Automatic content

This feature allows you to add top-notch content to your eBook automatically without having to scribble a word. You only need to choose your eBook niche and the content will be filled in automatically. You can then remove parts that you don’t want so that the eBook is tailored to your needs.

  • Stunning eCovers

One thing that differentiates the Sqribble eBook builder app from other creators is that it includes stunning e-Covers for your eBook. This means you don’t need to hire the services of a designer in order to design your cover.

These features have been professionally made and are ready for use for your eBook the moment you get access to the program.

  • Agency Rights

Using the Sqribble app, anyone can create their own design agency easily and make money creating top-grade eBooks and sell to marketing agencies.

The package comes complete with a commercial agency license that lets you create and even sell eBooks. There is even a ready-made website designed for your agency that you can use to show your creations and get clients.

  • Client Feedback Tool

With the help of this tool, you can easily collaborate with your clients and get their feedback regarding your eBook project.

This even saves you more time as there is no need to rely on skype communication or email to get client feedback. Rather, you will get it straight into the tool and make changes instantly.

Benefits of Sqribble

Pre-Designed eBook Formats

Sqribble has pre-designed eBook formats that you can choose from so you don’t have to start everything from scratch. The pre-designed eBook formats, which come in various colors and designs, are based on different topics though they can be used easily for any topic.

Client Management

This app makes it easy to manage and work with clients by providing a dedicated client management area. In this area, you can not only create multiple clients but also assign different designs of eBooks to each of them. You can capture pricing information, contact information, and notes from every single client.

Saving Prompts

While Sqribble doesn’t save constantly each time you edit it does give you regular prompts that allow you to save your work. If you are the type that can work for hours without remembering to save, this tool will be a godsend for you. The prompts ensure that you save and hence avoid any disasters that may come for instance if there is no power.

Pre-Set Color Palettes

If you want to create a decent eBook but don’t want to spend your whole time on it, Sqribble does a wonderful job of giving you gorgeous pre-set color palettes instantly. There are 20 color palettes at your disposal that you can apply easily to any eBook.

Google Fonts

Sqribble features fully integrated Google Fonts so you don’t have to go to the trouble to get them. The advantage of using Google Fonts us that they are available in hundreds and there is most likely something that will fit your brand.

Simple Customization Options

In general, Sqribble contains customization options that are quite simple to use. This is especially good for those who cannot afford more expensive and advanced software.
With a bit of practice, you should be able to use this software quite effectively and even create a neat eBook that’s customized to your company or brand.

Customer Service

Customer support is a crucial element if you are going to invest in any software. Since signing up for this eBook building tool, we have had two instances where we had to contact support. We can report that in both the two cases, we were satisfied with the way the customer service department handled our issues. The first issue had to do with their coupon code advertised on their sales page after it expired. We just emailed them and we immediately received a new coupon code.

The second issue involved our actual user experience regarding the use of Sqribble.

I contacted support through email and they fixed the problem instantly. So far, I can say these guys have a properly functioning and reliable customer service system.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

The author also included a solid no-nonsense cash-back guarantee to protect your investment. It means that, if you pay to sign up for this program but find that it isn’t what as marketed, you have a right to be refunded our money in full. But despite this magnanimous offer, there haven’t been any returns. It just shows that the product delivers on its promises.

Who is the Author of Sqribble?

Adeel Chowdhry is the author of Sqribble and he is a prominent internet marketer and a bestseller.

Boasting more than 10 years of experience, Chowdhry has a lot of expertise and inside information that you can tap in. he has also previously authored other programs like Pixel Studio FX that sold tens of thousands of products all over the world.

Also, Chowdhry has been known to create high-quality products and Sqribble is no less.

He is the best person to hold your hand and guide you in the complex maze that is the internet marketing world.

Final thoughts

The standards have gone up online these days.

Today, you can’t expect people to opt-in if you have an eBook that looks like crap. And given that people are generally busier than they used to be, it only takes seconds before a user decides that your product is worth reading or a complete bollocks.

Sqribble enables you to instantly create eBooks that scream credibility, trust, and value, as well as one that can attract sales and a load of subscribers.

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that creating high-quality eBooks is no mean task. With just a few clicks, you will have your eBook ready to go live.

The program is also backed with a solid 30-day money-back guarantee that means you are losing nothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work On A PC And Mac?

YES! In fact it works on any device that can access the internet. We’ve tested Sqribble on multiple devices and operating systems including mainstream computers, tablets and mobiles! For the best experience we recommend using Sqribble on a computer.

Is This Easy To Use And Is Training Included?

Absolutely! We developed Sqribble to be very easy to use. Just click, design and publish! We also provide easy to follow instructions and helpful tutorial videos available once you purchase.

Can I Upload My Own Images?

Of course! You have 100MB of space to upload as many images as you want to use in your projects. We’ve also integrated thousands of stock images, icons and backgrounds for you to use at no further cost!

What File Types Does It Export?

Sqribble exports files in all major formats, including PDF, ePUB and MOBI formats! More file types are looking to be added shortly. Feel free to request what formats you would like to see..

Are Software Updates Included?

YES! We continually update our software with all the latest patches and fixes. Updates are automatic and at no extra cost to you.

Do You Provide A Money Back Guarantee?

YES! Ordering is completely RISK FREE. We have been in business for over 10 years, and strive for 100% satisfaction across all our products, including Sqribble. If for any reason you’re not satisfied simply email us with your receipt for a full refund. Note that your access to Sqribble will also be revoked if you receive a refund.

What is the buy one get one FREE offer?

This is a brand new promotion valid from 10-Feb-2020 to 16-Feb-2020. If you buy yourself a copy of Sqribble today, we’ll also give you one FREE license to gift anyone! So not only do you get access, your nominated person will also receive their own Sqribble account. This free account does not include any upgrades, just the frontend standard version only. Instructions on how to gift someone a free license will be sent to you after purchase via email. Note, that if you refund, the other free gifted account will also be disabled.

Do I Need To Install Anything On My Computer?

Nope. There is nothing to install! Sqribble is 100% cloud based. You simply login and access the software online from anywhere, on any device. The only thing you require is an internet connection!

How Many Ebooks Can I Create?

You can created UNLIMITED ebooks! Never spend money on a designer again. You can also use our content engine to write ebooks faster than ever before!

How Many Templates Do I Get?

You get instant access to 50 stunning templates spread across 15 different popular niche categories to use immediately!

Is There A Monthly Fee To Use Sqribble?

No! Access to Sqribble is currently a ONE TIME payment! No monthly subscription charges or hidden fees. However, soon we plan to start charging a monthly fee to new customers, so order today to lock-in access for the low ONE TIME price!

Can I Sell The Ebooks I Create With Sqribble?

YES! You can sell your eBooks and you can give them away too (ie. to build an email list, or as education pieces, whitepapers, guides, etc), it’s totally up to you! A commercial agency license is also INCLUDED which allows you create eBooks for clients and charge them! We will never charge you for a royalty. You also get a FREE agency website to help you promote your services. You could make back your investment with just ONE client!

How Do I Get Support?

For Product Support, please contact the vendor HERE.
For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.

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